Landlord scheme to improve rental properties in Corby

A landlord accreditation scheme could be introduced in Corby
A landlord accreditation scheme could be introduced in Corby

Moves could be made to improve the standard of privately rented properties in Corby.

A landlord accreditation scheme will be discussed by members of the borough council’s One Corby Policy Committee on Tuesday.

It is estimated that there are 3,839 properties in Corby which are privately rented.

While most are in good condition, some fall short of the statutory minimum standard for housing.

Many of these properties go undiscovered unless they are reported to the borough council by tenants.

Councillors are being recommended to approve the landlord accreditation scheme which, if agreed, would provide prospective tenants with good quality accommodation.

It would also give recognition to landlords who meet the scheme’s standards, as well as promoting high standards in managing tenancies.

A report which will be discussed at the meeting says: “The issue of irresponsible landlords in the private sector has received a lot of media coverage of late with terminology such as unscrupulous or rogue landlords.

“In Corby there is not much evidence that we have a

substantial problem with this.”

If the scheme is approved, landlords would have their accreditation status reviewed each year following property inspections.