Keano in desperate need of donor

Chantelle Moore with her son Keano
Chantelle Moore with her son Keano

A seven-year-old with no immune system who had six operations before his first birthday desperately needs a bone marrow donor to survive.

Doctors despair at their inability to help Keano Klein, of Kettering, who cannot go to school or mix with other children in case it kills him.

Mum Chantelle Moore, 35, who has organised countless donor drives and mounted a Facebook campaign in a bid to save her son, said: “I want him to mix. I want him to have a life.

“It’s hard. Sometimes it’s just heartbreaking.”

Keano, who doctors said would not live past two, is on the donor waiting list.

He suffers from Kostmann’s syndrome, which means he lacks white blood cells to fight infections.

His torso is a web of surgery scars where doctors have removed his right lung and much of his liver after a string of infections.

Frequent infections mean three-quarters of sufferers die before they are three.

Keano’s distraught mum constantly cleans her house in Rockingham Road with disinfectant and her son, who is kept alive with eight different types of medicine and daily injections to boost his immune system, has to wear a breathing mask when he leaves.

It is more difficult to find a donor match because Keano’s heritage is a mix of black, white and Indian, although the exact same heritage is not necessary.

African-Caribbeans account for fewer than three per cent of people on the UK’s four donor registries, meaning black people have a one-in-100,000 chance of finding a suitable bone marrow donor.

To donate visit the website or call Ms Moore on 07505 056433.