Isham bypass campaigners meet local politicians

Villagers from Isham met Wellingborough and Rushden MP Peter Bone and Wellingborough Council leader Paul Bell on Friday, June 21, as part of a continued campaign to lobby for a new bypass.

Resident Graham Rait arranged the meeting, which took place at the side of the A509, to demonstrate the severity of the traffic through the village.

Northamptonshire County Council gave planning consent for the bypass in 2006, but the £32.9m project stalled when the Government announced there were no funds available for it.

Residents say that the need for the new road is greater than ever, and the level of traffic will only get worse as more new housing developments are built.

Also, the 3,000-home Wellingborough North development can’t progress past the first phase of 1,500 houses unless the bypass is in place.

Cllr Bell said: “I welcome this meeting with the Isham residents. I am 100 per cent behind the campaigners and will continue to put pressure on the government to release the money to allow the project to go ahead. I will use every opportunity I have to raise the issue.”

Mr Rait said: “The results of our recent 24-hour count showed that there are more than 23,000 vehicles coming through the village each working day, and with new houses being built or proposed to be built nearby, this will only increase unless the bypass is in place.

“For residents, it feels like we’re living on a motorway. The high level of traffic cuts the village in half, making it hazardous to cross the road. People living adjacent to the road can’t be in their gardens or leave their windows opens because of the noise, pollution, and tremors caused by the vehicles, especially the 3,000-plus articulated lorries that come through here every day.”