Is Bill the oldest player in town?

Is this 84-year-old Second World War hero the oldest Nintendo Wii player in Northamptonshire?

Bill Flint, 85, regularly plays on the games console, which is loved by teenagers, late into the night at his home in Orchard Close, Finedon.

He even rushed out to buy his favourite game, Wii Sports Resort, as soon as it hit the shops a few weeks ago.

The game requires players to wave a controller around to control a character on screen competing in exotic sports, including jetskiing, canoeing and archery.

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Mr Flint, who earned a number of medals for taking part in the D-Day Landings and serving as a driver in mainland Europe during the war, said: "I'm having fun. At my age, you have got to keep your mind active. I know people who sit around the house all day."

He caught the gaming bug after playing the original Wii Sports game, in which players wave a controller to play sports including ten pin bowling and tennis, with his son.

He now has eight games to play, including Mario Kart and Deal Or No


As well as keeping his mind active, Mr Flint said the console has kept him active after his German wife Hanna died.

He said: "I lost my wife two and a half years ago so let's face it: when you are on your own you have got to keep yourself busy.

"When I play these games it's at night. It gets a bit lonely at night. I have a drink and play on the Wii.

"If there's nothing on the television, I can play for a couple of hours. I have been known to play until 11 o'clock."

Most of Mr Flint's family live quite far away and he only sees them a few times a year and his friends in Finedon are not interested in playing on his Wii.

But that may be a good thing as he only has one controller.