Hospital’s staff are disciplined for comments on facebook

office worker
office worker

Disciplinary action is being taken against staff at Kettering General Hospital for comments made on social networking site Facebook.

The hospital trust has confirmed it is looking into allegations that comments made on the site may have brought the hospital into disrepute.

A member of staff at the hospital contacted the Evening Telegraph anonymously to say action was being taken against them and they were due in front of management next week.

The Evening Telegraph understands the subject matter included pay cuts and a reduction in security staff.

The hospital’s associate director of human resources Charles Marson confirmed that an investigation is taking place.

He said: “We periodically highlight social media issues to our staff. If a member of staff uses social networking sites in ways which could reduce confidence in staff, or which might bring their profession, or the hospital itself, into disrepute we can take action against the individual in question.

“The trust is currently looking into allegations that this may have happened recently using facebook.

“Social networking is very popular and KGH staff are free to have fun using these sites on their home computers so long as they do not comment inappropriately on them about work-related matters.

“Clearly hospital staff hold a position of trust in society and they have a responsibility to the patients they treat, to their colleagues and to the organisation they work for.”

Unison union branch secretary Alex Wood said “It is an issue which has been raised over the last 12 months. I’m aware that the trust has taken disciplinary action against staff about comments which have been appearing on social networking sites.

“The approach the trust takes is that it is a breach of confidentiality. In the last six months there has been a working party raising the issue of the consequences of using social networking sites to discuss work-related issues.”