Hero jogger rescues girl from sex attack

The woods where the teenager was assaulted
The woods where the teenager was assaulted

A brave jogger rescued a teenager from the grips of two men who were sexually assaulting her.

He intervened after the 18-year-old girl was attacked as she walked through a wooded area between the Boating Lake and George Street in Corby on Saturday afternoon.

Police officers investigating the attack praised the heroics of the jogger.

Detective Sergeant Julie Gallagher from the major investigation team said: “This could have been a lot worse if the jogger had not come along. We want to speak to him because we hope he can give us a description of the suspect, and we also want to make sure that he is okay.

“The victim is fine. She was assaulted by way of touching, she was not raped.”

The two men approached the girl at around 5.35pm and attacked her.

One of the men was in his 20s or 30s, around 5ft 8ins tall, of stocky build, clean shaven and wearing dark clothes. The second man was around 6ft tall, with short brown hair and of slim build and wearing dark clothes.

They ran off after the jogger intervened and the girl rushed to seek help from the police.

The jogger was white, in his 30s, with either a clean shaven or a bald head.

Det Sgt Gallagher added: “This is the first incident we’ve had in this location so people don’t need to be unduly worried, but they should be vigilant as they normally would when walking alone.

“The investigation is under way. We haven’t got any suspects yet but we’ll be doing everything we can to find those responsible.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 03000 111222, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.