Google car is at a street near you in Kettering

Google's controversial street views car has been out and about on the streets of Kettering.

This week the internet site's black car with camera mounted on top has been seen photographing Windmill Avenue, Ise Road, Warkton Lane, Gypsy Lane and Haynes Road.

The scheme, which gives internet users 360 degree views of streets, has proved controversial since its launch last month, with some saying it is a useful resource but others arguing it is an invasion of privacy.

Pauline Jones, of Windmill Avenue, Kettering, said: "I didn't know what it was at first..It looked like someone had just left something on the top of their car.

"I don't mind it filming around here but I can see how it might cause trouble."

Google has already mapped out 25 cities across the UK and is now in its second phase. It is hoped every city, town and large village in the UK will be available on Google street view by the end of 2010.

Carl Sandford, of Deeble Road, Kettering, disagreed with the idea of the Google car.

He said: "I can see the benefit of this for places such as London or Manchester because tourists could use it to see landmarks.

"But I am pretty certain not many people will want to see a Kettering back street.

"Once people have used it to look at their own homes a few times it will only get used for more sinister reasons, such as burglary."

A woman on Haynes Road, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: "I don't know how they are allowed to do it. If anyone else was taking pictures of your house without your consent they would be stopped."

The car has also been seen out on roads in Northampton.

Last month a Google driver was blockaded in her car in Broughton, Buckinghamshire, when residents decided having maps of their streets would "facilitate crime and encourage more burglars".

The service has also been criticised for showing a man leaving a sex shop, somebody being arrested and someone vomiting in the street. Another man's car was spotted outside the home of his mistress, revealing the affair to his wife.