Good turn-out expected in Kettering elections

Polling stations are looking busy in the Kettering area

Polling stations are looking busy in the Kettering area

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Polling stations in the Kettering constituency are looking quite busy, according to the acting returning officer.

David Cook, chief executive of Kettering Council, will be overseeing the count tonight as acting returning officer for the parliamentary election for Kettering.

He will also oversee the count for the borough election, which is taking place on Saturday.

Mr Cook spoke to the Telegraph this morning and said: “Polling stations are generally reporting being quite busy.

“The postal vote turn-out is looking quite high too.

“It looks like we might have a good turn-out.

“So far, after four hours, it looks quite good.”

Mr Cook is expecting the Kettering parliamentary result to be declared between 5am and 6am tomorrow, although this is only an estimate.

Mr Cook added: “We have tried to plan for most eventualities.”

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