Give residents what they need

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Further to your article “Supermarket approved but saga will continue” (January 26), I’ve noted that several Desborough residents have written to regarding the Sainsbury/ Tesco fiasco.

I can understand the annoyance and bewilderment of the townspeople at what, to them, seems a totally illogical decision by the planning committee at Kettering Borough Council, at granting Tesco’s approval to build on the Lawrence Site knowing it has a covenant on it, and the Co-op’s

refusal to remove it, and that it could be three years at least before it can be removed – if then!

Most people in our town actually did want a Sainsbury, did want a petrol station.

Also a multi-use shopping centre, plus local amenities on the Lawrence site.

As the covenant, according to Kettering Borough Council, could take up to three years to remove, we the people who actually live here are now left with nothing once again.

Well done Kettering planning committee. That means we are an expanding town, with more houses to come with less shopping choice and we will still have to go to Market Harborough or Kettering to get our petrol, plus our weekly shopping for the forseeable future!

It’s about time KBC gave the residents of Desborough what they need, and what they want, and stop telling us what they think we want.

Mrs J M Hollinshead

Harborough Road