Get fit, not fat, in 2008

IF you have eaten too many mince pies over the Christmas period why not get involved in the Evening Telegraph's Get Active Campaign?

The campaign is encouraging 20,000 people to get involved in three half-hour sessions of exercise each week in order to get a 1 million bonus for sporting facilities.

Conservative MEP Chris Heaton-Harris is also encouraging people to make exercise their New Year's resolution.

Mr Heaton-Harris, who is a qualified football referee, said: "I am encouraging everyone to embrace fitness through any way possible – whether it's simply a gentle stroll, a visit to the gym or even by belly dancing.

"Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but lots of us don't get enough.

"With the levels of obesity hitting record highs, the new year is a great time to take a look at how much exercise you're getting.

"There are loads of ways of keeping fit. Maybe you've been meaning to start running and haven't got round to it, or joined a gym and only went twice before you lost interest, now is the time to start again.

"People need to get fit and not fat!"

The Government recommends everyone should do 30 minutes of activity which increases your heart rate three times a week, whether that is done by taking the stairs instead of the lift or walking the dogs.

Kettering Council has also got involved with the campaign by making funding available to sports clubs to get more people exercising.

Clubs can apply for grants of up to 3,000 to buy new equipment or promote the get active message.

Kettering Cycling Club has already secured 2,000 towards a cycling coach and Loddington Cricket Club was awarded 1,600 to help form a girls' team.

To apply for funding contact Michael Cowland on 01536 534266 or e-mail

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