GCSE RESULTS: Montsaye Academy

Top GCSE performers were celebrating at Montsaye Academy today.

Among the high achievers at the Rothwell college were Jack Batkins, who got three A*s, nine As and one C, Monica Billin, who got one A*, six As, four Bs and one C, Charley Gilbert,who got two A*s, five As, three Bs and two Cs, Daniel Starr, who got four A*s, three As, five Bs, one C and an AS-grade at AS Level maths.

Others getting tope marks were Leanne Moore, with one A*, eight As, three Bs and one C, Liam Hughes, who got three A*s, five As, four Bs, one C and a C at AS Level world development, and Robyn Whalley, who got three A*s, three As, three Bs and two Cs.

Robyn said she was delighted with her grades and now intends to study psychology, English, history, and French in sixth form.

To see Robyn’s reaction to her results, watch the video above.