Funding is helping residents go green

People struggling with fuel bills are being encouraged to apply for funding worth up to £6,500 to help them power their homes.

Burton Latimer residents can apply for grants and interest-free loans totalling 4,000 from the Burton Wold Wind Farm Community Fund, as well as grants of up to 2,500 from the Low Carbon Building Fund to install solar panels or make other environmentally-friendly improvements to their homes.

Girl Guides, a school and sheltered housing in Burton Latimer have all already benefited from more than 13,000 funding from the 280,000 fund, which was set up as a condition for the development of the nearby wind farm.

But the energy company and Kettering Council, which administrates the fund, are encouraging more individuals to apply for grants.

Deborah Snow, performance manager at Kettering Council, said: "If you are struggling with your fuel bills this is something you should explore.

"It's an absolutely fantastic project and it's really exciting for people to improve the energy efficiency of their homes."

The community fund can give grants of up to 1,000 and interest-free loans of up to 3,000 to be paid back over three years.

St Mary's Primary School in Burton Latimer received 3,000 for tubular skylights capable of directing light around corners, which have helped the school reduce their electricity bill, fitted in July.

Headteacher Tony Collins said: "We don't need to have the lights on in that part of the school so much. It's cost effective and better for the environment.

"The fund is an excellent idea. It gives families and small businesses an opportunity to use money to have sustainable projects."

Burton Latimer Girl Guides received 10,000 to install an energy-efficient hot water heating system at its Alexandra Street Guiding Hall in April.

Yeoman's Court sheltered housing has also received money from the fund.

Alison Hood, communications manager for Your Energy, which operates the farm, said: "Reducing our energy consumption is one of the best things we can do for our wallets and the environment.

"Using the wind farm community fund to help residents achieve this is very fitting. The wind farm is into its fourth year of operations and the borough and town councils have worked tirelessly to ensure 100 per cent of it goes directly to worthy local initiatives."

Anyone living in Burton Latimer who is interested should contact companies that supply micro generators, such as solar cells, to get a quote and then apply for funding from the Burton Wold Wind Farm Community Fund and the Low Carbon Building Fund.

Micro generator suppliers have been invited to the switch-on of the Christmas lights in Burton Latimer to speak to residents on November 27.

To apply for a grant call 01536 410333 or visit