Former mayor to stand for UKIP in Corby Council by-election

Peter McGowan who is to stand for UKIP in the Corby Council by-election
Peter McGowan who is to stand for UKIP in the Corby Council by-election

Former Labour councillor and town mayor Peter McGowan is stand for UKIP in the forthcoming by-election for the Kingswood ward in Corby.

He has been appointed as the candidate by the Corby and East Northamptonshire branch of UKIP.

The election is to be held following the resignation of Maureen Forshaw from the borough council due to health problems.

Corby’s MEP Derek Clark said: “I could not be more pleased to know Peter McGowan is to stand for UKIP in the Kingswood by-election.

“His record as a former mayor of Corby speaks for itself. He is better placed than many to contest this election following his experience working in the Corby steel industry.

“Like many people he thought that the EEC, as it then was, would be very much to our advantage both nationally and locally to support displaced steelworkers following the closure of the Corby plant.

“However, the impact of the increase in EU rules and regulations have had an adverse effect on the lives of the people of Corby, as it has for the whole country. He therefore believes that Britain should run its own affairs, which can only be achieved by leaving the EU.”

Chairman of the UKIP branch in Corby and East Northamptonshire, Fred Parker, said: “I’m delighted, as we all are, that Peter will be standing for UKIP in Kingswood.

“Now the voters in that ward have an opportunity to vote for a party which believes in honest politics and common sense and an alternative to the Labour Party, which has so let down the voters in the ward.”

UKIP’s candidate in the parliamentary by-election for the Corby and East Northants seat, Margot Parker, came third winning 14 per cent of the vote from a standing start.

The Conservative party has selected former Falklands veteran Phil Ewers to stand in the by-election.