Fish on Friday to help church

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Two shops are supporting a subsiding church by donating money over Easter.

Takeaway Werringtons and next door sandwich shop Mmmm, in Stamford Road, Kettering, will be helping St Mary’s Church in Fuller Street.

Werringtons will donate £1 for every fish and chips meal sold and there will be a collection tin at Mmmm, with the aim of raising money to help pay for work to fix a large crack in one of its walls.

Father Ben Archibald, the church’s vicar, said: “There is a crack in the west end of the church which runs from the ceiling to the floor.

“We’ve got some trees in the garden sucking up all the water and they need to come down as they are causing the subsidence.

“The crack appeared about five years ago and the money raised will go towards repairing that.

“Although it is traditional to eat fish on Good Friday, it is a day of fasting so people shouldn’t be having lobster thermidor or caviar.”

Werrington’s will donate money on Good Friday and Easter Saturday but collection tins will be in both shops for as long as they are needed.

One of the arches inside the church has cracked so badly it is supported by scaffolding.

Harry Singh, who runs the shops, said he decided to raise money for the church after a parishioner visited Werrington’s and asked if she could put up a sign asking for help.

He added: “In both of the shops we have a small container and a letter from Father Ben.

“We will also match whatever is in those.

“On a normal day we should be able to raise a couple of hundred quid and I’m hoping we’re able to do more – hopefully people will put some money into the pot.

“People always used to eat fish on Good Friday but I think people have forgotten about that and just think about Easter eggs.”

The church’s Easter Sunday Mass will be held at 10.15am.