Fairtrade fun and learning

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Youngsters have been learning about the positive impact Fairtrade goods can have on third world countries.

Pupils at Mears Ashby Primary School had a week of Fairtrade-themed assemblies and also manned a stall selling Fairtrade goods, all as part of Fairtrade Fortnight.

The pupils learned how a classroom in their partner school in Ghana has been paid for with extra money generated through the sale of Fairtrade products.

Assistant headteacher Valerie Anslow said: “We are linked with a partner school in Ghana and both schools are learning about fairness.

“The children at Mears Ashby learned that most of their chocolate comes from Ghana and we need to be fair to the farmers in that country. We had a week of assemblies with the theme of understanding what Fairtrade means and what impact it has on communities.

“The children were all very enthusiastic. They are now looking out for the logo on their fruit and snack bars.

“They are really keen to find out how what they buy can impact on other people.”