Facebook snaps caught my bigamist husband

Rachel Floodgate with pictures from her wedding day
Rachel Floodgate with pictures from her wedding day

A Rushden woman has spoken of her shock after discovering her husband was a bigamist after spotting a picture of him and his new bride on Facebook.

Rachel Floodgate, of Washbrook Road, was married to Garry Floodgate but going through divorce proceedings when she spotted the snaps of Mr Floodgate marrying his Canadian bride in Las Vegas.

Rachel Floodgate's wedding day

Rachel Floodgate's wedding day

She was worried that this would disrupt the divorce proceedings and contacted the police.

As a result Mr Floodgate, 54, has since been jailed for 20 weeks following a court case.

Mrs Floodgate, 26, who is now divorced, said: “I was quite shocked when I saw the photos, it was quite surreal.

“My response was to try to find out as much information from his new wife as I can, and I did when I contacted her.”

The 26-year-old added that she had no feelings for her now ex-husband but was worried that his bigamy would scupper the divorce proceedings.

She said she wanted to get on her with her life, so wanted the divorce to go through.

Teddy boy Garry Floodgate married his new bride Sheila Siebert at the Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas in June last year.

The pictures were then posted on Facebook.

But when Miss Siebert, 55, found out the truth, she also left the bigamist.

Mr Floodgate, of Sandown Court, Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, pleaded guilty to committing bigamy on June 5 last year and was sentenced at Northampton Magistrates Court on Monday.

But his lawyers have lodged an appeal.

Mr Floodgate told the court that he thought he was already divorced and had made a mistake.

He said he had no intention of breaking the law.

He met Rachel in 2003, they married in 2004 and had two daughters. They separated in November 2010.

Mrs Floodgate said she was shocked when she discovered the truth, but added: “Knowing what he’s like, I wasn’t too surprised.”

Commenting on the prison sentence, Mrs Floodgate said she was glad her former husband had been punished.

She added: “I don’t see why he should’ve been allowed to get away with it.”

Mrs Floodgate said she now wants to look forward and get on with her life.