Ex-soldier falls victim to ‘bedroom tax’ changes

Martin Robinson
Martin Robinson

A Broughton man who spent 18 years in the Armed Forces says he is losing out on benefits because of the so-called ‘bedroom tax’.

Martin Robinson, 56, of Hutchinson Avenue, and his wife share a two-bedroom house which they have lived in for four years.

Mr Robinson suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, after serving 18 years in the British Army, and says he suffers from night terrors which mean he lashes out in his sleep.

As a result, he and wife Ruth sleep in separate bedrooms.

Kettering Council says it is reducing Mr Robinson’s housing benefit by more than £20 a week.

A spokesman for Kettering Council said the authority was not allowed to make an exception in Mr Robinson’s case.

They added: “We appreciate the change may adversely affect some customers.

“People are advised in these circumstances to claim a Discretionary Housing Payment.”