European elections 2014: Conservatives

Britain’s relationship with the EU is not working.

For some time now we have been deeply unhappy with what the EU has become. The EU needs fundamental change; it’s time for the British people to decide our future.

In 1975 we joined a Common Market for increased trade, growth and jobs. But today we have a European Union obsessed with political integration and harmonisation.

Its focus has changed from creating new jobs and opportunities, to producing endless red tape and needless legislation.

Too many powers have been given away to Brussels. It is time to bring powers back.

This European election is the most important in a generation. Anyone under the age of 55 has never had a say on our relationship with the EU. It’s time for change.

It’s time to let Britain decide on our future with the EU with an In or Out referendum.

Only the Conservatives are committing to delivering real change in the EU and giving the British people their say in a vote.

So if you want to cut the cost of Europe and make Europe work for business; if you want to keep out of the Euro and take back control of our own borders; if you want to keep out of future EU bailouts and take back control of justice & home affairs; if you want to see real change in the European Union; and if you want to have your say in an In or Out Referendum you need to Vote Conservative.

Conservatives are committed to representing YOU in the EU, defending the UK’s best interests and making sure we take control of immigration and border control, stopping EU waste and corruption, and delivering a referendum on British EU membership.

Only the Conservatives have a plan to deliver real change in Europe.

So if you want to see real change, real results and get a real referendum the only option is to vote Conservative.

We are the party standing up for Britain in the European Parliament. We are the only party who is committed to an In or Out referendum, and we are the only party who have the desire and the power to deliver this for the British people.

It’s time for Britain to govern its own future and decide its own destiny.