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A COUNCIL which spends about £300,000 a year cleaning up after other people is launching a new campaign to tackle environmental crime.

East Northamptonshire Council is launching I Love East Northants – Improving Where You Live, Work and Play on Valentine’s Day to improve areas which suffer from issues such as graffiti, litter, dog fouling and flytipping.

Council officers, the police and the probation service will begin by cleaning up 10 problem areas in the district and carry out education work to highlight the consequences for those caught committing an offence, including fines and prosecutions.

Cllr Glenn Harwood, who is leading the campaign, said: “When people leave litter, fly-tip or don’t clear up after their dog, they commit environmental crimes which blight our communities and cost large amounts of money to clear up. About £300,000 a year is spent clearing up litter, dog mess, graffiti and flytipped rubbish which comes out of your council tax.”

The council’s head of environmental services, Mike Deacon, said: “We hope we can show people that together we can make a difference and that will give them the confidence to highlight other issues to us or even raise them with the perpetrators.”

The first areas to be addressed will be Skew Bridge, Rushden, the old petrol station site near Hall Park in High Street South, Rushden, Denfield track between Denton Close and Albert Road, Rushden, the Greenway in Rushden, Splash Pool precinct, Rushden, Pemberton Street, Rushden, Chowns Mill roundabout, Higham Ferrers, the public open spaces in Russell Way and Elm Walk, Higham Ferrers, Ponds Close alleyway, Raunds, and Tansor Wold county chippings layby.

To report a problem visit or call 01832 742026.