Ofsted inspector warns school is not good enough

Olympic Primary School
Olympic Primary School

A school has been told that it is not making enough progress towards the removal of special measures.

Olympic Primary School in Wellingborough was placed in special measures last May after Ofsted inspectors rated the school as inadequate across the board.

In the report of a recent monitoring inspection, inspector Mark Mumby said: “Having considered all the evidence I am of the opinion that at this time that the school is not making enough progress towards the removal of special measures and newly qualified teachers may not be appointed.” He went on to say that the standards that pupils are attaining in reading, writing and mathematics remain “too low”, but the quality of teaching has improved slightly since, with the biggest improvements being made in reception and year six.

Mr Mumby said: “The local authority issued a performance standards and safety warning notice to the school on February 20.

“Since then the governing body has been disbanded and reconstituted.

“The new governing body met for the first time on the evening before the start of this monitoring visit.

The school is due to become a sponsored academy on June 1. No-one from the school was available for comment.