News report day

Today has been a really stressful yet really entertaining day.

It’s the real world now! Today has also been eventful with the talking from one side to another and the madness getting everything finished by the deadline and getting it edited.

It gave me a look inside what actually happens in a news reporting room and how much hard work it actually is.

I can’t wait to see how much hard work everyone has put into this. It’s being a thrilling ride.

Today I was nervous when I first came into school, but now I don’t know why because it’s been so much fun.

It is madness though because it all needs to be done on time otherwise you overrun and things get lost.

In all honesty everything has been out of control, and to admit I was freaking out on how it went today but I think we pulled it all off. It was perfect!

It wasn’t like the Wrenn School Oscars in any way. Yeah... the Oscars were more planned but today no-one see’s who’s in front of the camera and that’s what I like.

Behind the scenes. It’s not just about the people on camera.

The best part is that I don’t need to stress out about it all and I don’t need to dress up real fancy.

Also no more being nervous on whether it will be a success but I’ll miss everyone.

The sad part is, it’s all over. No more staying after school, no more big events, no more getting to know new people.

I’m going to miss BBC school report.

I loved every second of it!