Kingswood School

KINGSWOOD school will have by far their biggest sixth form ever next year after a four per cent increase on GCSE results.

The number of pupils gaining A* to Cs yesterday climbed to 54 per cent.

Headteacher David Tristram said: "I'm very pleased. We've had more As and Bs than ever before.

"We've also gone over the magic 30 per cent for A* to Cs including English and maths which I did promise we would do.

"Out sixth form will have 240 students."

Alex Palmer, 16, of Ashurst Crescent, Corby, gained three Bs, two Cs, a D and a distinction in IT. She said: "I'm very proud of myself.

"The exams were really hard but the coursework wasn't too bad. I'll be staying on a sixth form at Kingswood."

AlasdairCOR Hughes, 16, of The Lawns, Corby, said: "I got one A*, an A in history and the rest Bs and Cs. I'm pleased with them.

"I'll be doing government and politics at sixth form. They're offering it for the first time. That's my sort of thing."

Many of the 265 pupils getting results yesterday originally started at Our Lady and Pope John School that closed three years ago.