VIDEO: Police urge drivers to secure their cars

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Police in Wellingborough are urging vehicle owners to be vigilant in securing their cars.

Officers have been handing out safety advice to drivers.

A police spokesman said: “Thefts from vehicles can be prevented by taking an extra few seconds to remove items from display and ensuring the vehicle was locked.

“Officers from the Wellingborough Safer Community Team are conducting high visibility patrols, but would also encourage motorists to consider the following crime prevention advice to avoid becoming a victim:

“Handbags, CDs and mobile phones should always be removed from car, this includes a sat nav device and its cradle, paying special attention to the removal of any tell-tale marks left on the windscreen showing evidence of the device,

“Wherever possible park your car in the garage, and use a steering lock or alarm system,

“When parking in a public place and the car left unattended, park in a secure, well lit and busy area.

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