VIDEO: Graffiti writer scales heights to scrawl tag

A police investigation has been launched to find a graffiti vandal who scales inaccessible heights to scrawl ‘mindless’ tags on public buildings.

Police are keen to establish the identity of the graffiti writer in Wellingborough, whose ability to reach the top of buildings has left them baffled.

One of the graffiti tags

One of the graffiti tags

The ‘SOK’ tag can be spotted on several buildings in Wellingborough, including All Hallows Church, HSBC bank, Wellingborough Library, Lloyds Bank, the public toilets in Orient Way, West End DIY, the Swansgate Centre and the Gloucester pub.

Officers are appealing for help from the public to identify the culprit through the use of social media using the Twitter hashtag, #NameThatTag.

PCSO Phil Wane, from the Wellingborough Safer Community Team, has been assembling a photo archive of the ‘SOK’ explosion in the town. He says the tag is responsible for a significant amount of criminal damage across the town and he wants the offender grounded with public help through the recently-launched countywide campaign Operation Illustration.

He said: “The ‘SOK’ tag is of particular interest to us, as it appears in many places, a lot of them being, on the face of it, pretty inaccessible. Graffiti writers make their mark on their territory by tagging and they love to go one better than their rivals.

“The ‘SOK’ graffiti writer is pushing the boundaries in looking to tag in areas that others cannot reach. And while we will always look to encourage those who have artistic talent to use that talent appropriately, this is an example of mindless scrawling on public buildings which will cost a lot of public money to remove and clean up.

“The presence of graffiti tends to be a gateway for wider anti-social behaviour and criminal damage and we all have a responsibility to take care of the communities where we live and work.”

Anyone with information should email or call the Op Illustration team on 101.