Police: drug dealers are a blight on community

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE Police are highlighting the blight large-scale drug dealing can have on communities following raids to smash a drugs house in Corby.

Eleven arrests were made following the execution of seven search warrants in the town last Thursday, including at a fortified drugs house in Eastbrook, known locally as “the shop.”

The force says there are many popular misconceptions about cannabis, but the reality is dealing the drug leads to misery for neighbours and even involves children as runners and look-outs.

A spokesman said: “The trade of illicit drugs has a wide variety of adverse effects on the community, contributing to increased crime and social disruption on all levels. The quality of life of the whole neighbourhood can be affected, with people feeling intimidated.

“This can lead to a lack of co-operation with police due to fear of reprisal.”

Det Insp Lorraine Gordon, who led the operation, said: “Those who are involved in dealing cannabis on a commercial scale are usually motivated by greed and a desire for a lavish lifestyle, or to maintain a normal lifestyle which most people have to work for, often while claiming benefits at the same time.”

Corby sector commander Insp Gary Williams said: “I accept there are differing views about the health effects of cannabis, and about enforcement agencies investing resources into dismantling dealer networks.

“Our stance is such enterprises are totally unacceptable and we cannot allow people in our communities to benefit financially from such criminality.”