Jail for man who captured and kept wild birds

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A man has been jailed for more than three months after admitting trapping a number of wild birds.

Roy Holland, from Harrington Road, Loddington, was handed a 14-week sentence by magistrates in Corby after pleading guilty to keeping six goldfinches, two chaffinches and a bullfinch at his home.

He also admitted possessing traps used to capture the birds.

The 62-year-old’s home was raided by RSPCA officers in March last year. He pleaded guilty to four counts at an earlier hearing, but the case was adjourned until last week for pre-sentence reports to be carried out.

Inspector Clint Davies, from the RSPCA, said he was pleased with the sentence given by magistrates.

He said: “It’s a rare offence in terms of the fact we don’t get to hear about it. But that’s not to say it doesn’t go on.

“Here we have got birds which have been used to flying around in the wild, then caught in these traps, put in a confined space. It causes them terrible stress and damage to their wings. He knew what he was doing.”

He added: “It’s a good sentence, I’m happy with the outcome. It sends out a message to people this is not going to be tolerated.

“It could mean us doing a raid on their property.”