County council candidates revealed

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Only Labour and the Conservatives will field a full slate of candidates in elections for Northamptonshire County Council next month.

In the north of the county, the parties are to put up a candidate in each of the 26 wards. There will also be 22 candidates put forward by both the Liberal Democrats and UKIP, with the BNP fielding seven, the English Democrats five, the Green Party four and six independents.

The full lists of candidates can be found at the bottom of this article.

Across the county, there are 57 wards, down from 73 at the last election in 2009, with the ward boundaries having been redrawn to take account of the reduction.

Nominations for four borough council by-elections – two in Kettering and two in Wellingborough – have also been released.

Polling stations will be open between 7am and 10pm on Thursday, May 2.

Candidates (Corby):

CORBY RURAL: Stan Heggs (Con), Margot Parker (UKIP), Bob Riley (Lib Dem), Jonathan West (Lab); CORBY WEST: Philip Bromhall (LD), Julie Brookfield (Lab), Eve Howitt (Con), Stuart McKay (Ind), Marc Riddell (BNP); KINGSWOOD: Helen Harrison (Con), Eddie McGeown (LD), John McGhee (Lab), Steven Scrutton (Green), Stella Wright (BNP); LLOYDS: Terri Meechan (LD), Fred Parker (UKIP), Gordon Riddell (BNP), Bob Scott (Lab), Christopher Woolmer (Con); OAKLEY: Mary Butcher (Lab), James Campbell (BNP), Peter McGowan (UKIP), David Sims (Con), Chris Stanbra (LD).

Candidates (Kettering):

BURTON AND BROUGHTON: Steve Bellamy (Con), David Garlick (LD), Christopher Groome (Ind), Daniel Perkins (UKIP), Ian Watts (Lab); CLOVER HILL: Harvey Bhandal (Lab), Eddie Brace (UKIP), John Crake (LD), Victoria Hilling (Eng Dems), Bill Parker (Con); DESBOROUGH: Stanley Freeman (LD), Belinda Humfrey (Ind), Allan Matthews (Con), Paul Oakden (UKIP), John Padwick (Lab), Kevin Sills (Eng Dems), Clive Skinner (BNP); ISE: Jonathan Bullock (UKIP), Jim Harker (Con), Harjinder Singh (Lab), Alan Window (LD); NORTHALL: Dan Gaskin (UKIP), Larry Henson (Con), Mick Scrimshaw (Lab), Portia Wilson (LD); ROTHWELL AND MAWSLEY: Margaret Draper (Lab), James Hakewill (Con), Alan Pote (UKIP), Philip Rice (LD); WICKSTEED: Christopher McGlynn (LD), Russell Roberts (Con), Maureen Shram (Lab), Jehad Soliman (UKIP); WINDMILL: Eileen Hales (Lab), Derek Hilling (Eng Dems), John Raffill (UKIP), Chris Smith-Haynes (Con), David Tate (LD).

Candidates (East Northants):

HIGHAM FERRERS: Joshua Dixon (LD), Jo Faulkner (UKIP), Richard Gell (Ind), Derek Lawson (Con), Angela White (Lab); IRTHLINGBOROUGH: Jon Gray (Lab), Sylvia Hughes (Con), John Whitestone (BNP); OUNDLE: Chris Cox (Lab), Linda Saunders (UKIP), George Smid (LD), Heather Smith (Con); RAUNDS: Pauline Ellis (Lab), Dudley Hughes (Con), Garth Ratcliffe (LD); RUSHDEN PEMBERTON WEST: Keith Cox (Lab), David Hamblin (UKIP), Michael Tye (Con), Anthony Woods (LD); RUSHDEN SOUTH: Dan Blair (UKIP), David Hooton (LD), Andy Mercer (Con), Les Rolfe (Lab); THRAPSTON: Peter Baden (Ind), Wendy Brackenbury (Con), David Burgess (LD), Joseph Garner (UKIP), Bob Seery (Ind), Gordon Stewart (Lab), Thomas Wand (Green).

Candidates (Wellingborough):

BRICKHILL AND QUEENSWAY: Elizabeth Coombe (Lab), Michael Curtis (UKIP), David Dean (Con), Jonathan Hornett (Green), David Robinson (BNP); FINEDON: James Ashton (Lab), Gary Evans (UKIP), Bob Patel (Con), John Wheaver (LD); CROYLAND AND SWANSPOOL: Tony Aslam (Lab), Peter Jakeways (UKIP), Graham Lawman (Con), Terry Spencer (Eng Dems); HATTON PARK: Emma Hornett (Green), Norman Jones (LD), Allan Shipham (UKIP), Rob Walker (Eng Dems), Malcolm Waters (Con), Andrea Watts (Lab); EARLS BARTON: Paul Bell (Con), Debra Elderton (UKIP), Daniel Jones (LD), Kevin Watts (Lab); IRCHESTER: Tony Giddings (UKIP), Sue Homer (Con), Tim Maguire (Lab).