Councillors agree to spend another £500,000 on Cube

Corby councillors have approved additional spending of �500,000 on the Cube
Corby councillors have approved additional spending of �500,000 on the Cube
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Corby councillors have approved additional spending of £500,000 on the Cube, bringing the cost so far to £47.6m.

At a meeting of the One Corby Policy Committee on Tuesday, July 17, members also agreed to set up a cross-party working group to deal with any future financial and design issues relating to the building.

The money, which will be borrowed and repaid over 40 years, will be used for the retention of contractors work (£196,000), a final design fee payment of £98,000 and project management of £30,000, as well as other items.

The total cost does not include work to complete the fourth floor of the building, the cost of which will be determined by its eventual use.

Conservative councillor Rob McKellar said: “I cannot express how disappointing it is that we are being asked to spend more taxpayers’ money on this mess of a project. It is very sad and I hope this kind of overspending never happens again.”

Leader of the council Tom Beattie said; “It is hugely disappointing and as long as I am the leader of this council I will ensure that we, as elected members, have the necessary level of understanding and scrutiny over future projects.”

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Cllr Chris Stanbra questioned the payment of £196,00 for the retention of contractors’ work and the £30,000 project management payment.

He said: “There are still things for the contractors to do and the project is unfinished. Why are we paying this?”

Some of the extra spending on the building includes £50,000 to bring smoke vents in line with fire safety requirements, and £30,000 to instal smoke vents in the Cube’s multi-purpose space.

Money is also being spent on measures to deal with the lack of heating in the Cube’s reception area and on joinery work.

Councillors were told some of the cost of putting right defects in the building could be recovered from the designers or the contractors.