Come to North Londonshire

A major marketing campaign branding the north of the county as North Londonshire is launched in the capital next week.

The 660,000 campaign is the brainchild of the North Northants Development Company and brands north Northamptonshire as North Londonshire to encourage people to move to our county and invest in it.

When details about the planned campaign were revealed in February it caused a public outcry.

It will be officially launched on Monday and include radio advertisements featuring celebrity Sandi Toksvig telling London listeners what a fantastic place North Londonshire is.

Development company director of investment and marketing Nick Bolton, said: "North Londonshire is designed to be attention grabbing for people in London, it's a tag with a limited shelf life. Anyone looking for information will visit our website which tells them about real places like Kettering and Corby."

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