Coach will share skills with poor of Ghana

A FOOTBALL coach will travel to Ghana next month to teach local children how to play and organise a league for them.

John Gregory, from Kettering, leaves on Thursday, October 18, for a 17-day trip, of which six days will be spent travelling.

Sealed Air, the Kettering packaging producers, where Mr Gregory works, is paying for the entire trip.

Mr Gregory said: “This area of Africa is very poverty stricken.

“The children, who I have been told love their football, have never been lucky enough to receive football coaching from any qualified coaches before.

“I enjoy coaching so much and this opportunity arose and I thought, ‘I can’t miss an opportunity like this to do good in the world’.”

Mr Gregory, who coaches the Ise Lodge under nines’ club, said he will miss his wife Alison and son Jarrod, as well as watching his “beloved Poppies”, while he is out of the country.