Clergymen’s oar-some canoeing trip challenge

Kane Taylor
Kane Taylor

A COUPLE of curates will canoe 60 miles from Northampton to Peterborough Cathedral to raise money for projects in Kenya.

Peterborough diocese Church of England curates Kane Taylor, of St Andrew’s in Kettering, and Marcus Purnell, of St Benedict’s in Hunsbury, are due to take to the water by the Nene Whitewater Centre in Northampton this afternoon and hope to arrive in Peterborough on Saturday. They are raising money for projects in Bungoma, Kenya, which is linked to the Peterborough diocese, following a visit to the area in January.

Mr Taylor said: “We saw first-hand the level of need over there. There were people walking 30 miles to get to a water source which was not always clean. It was humbling to think all we have to do is turn on a tap to get clean water. We also saw classrooms with 120 children where there were wall-to-wall desks with pupils trying to learn.”

The pair have already raised about £1,000 but hope to raise even more in sponsorship.

The money will be divided between a water project to create a clean supply of water in a village called Chebekube and for improvements to the Geoff Brown School for Girls in the Bungoma diocese. The water project is expected to cost about £1,500 and St Andrew’s Church has already raised about £1,000 towards it.

Both Mr Taylor and Mr Purnell have their own canoes, but have never taken on a fund-raising challenge like this before.

When they arrive in Peterborough they intend to then carry their canoes about half-a-mile to the Peterborough Cathedral precincts.

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