Check hygiene ratings for restaurants, takeaways and shops using new app

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More than 80 per cent of restaurants, takeaways and food shops in East Northamptonshire have got top ratings on a food hygiene app.

East Northamptonshire Council joined the national Food Hygiene Rating Scheme last year, which means its food safety officers can inspect a business to check that it meets the requirements of food hygiene law and give it a rating.

The rating reflects the standards of food hygiene found on the date of inspection and is not a guide to food quality.

Food hygiene rating information is now available as an app on iPhones and android smart phones and can be downloaded free from iTunes or from the googleplay store by searching ‘food hygiene’.

More than 80 per cent of East Northamptonshire food businesses scored fall into the five (Very Good) or four (Good) bandings.

East Northamptonshire cllr Glenn Harwood said: “Poor food hygiene in a food business can be extremely dangerous, which is why our Environmental Health team inspects local food premises to ensure that food is stored, prepared and cooked properly. This helps to reduce the chance of food poisoning and ensures that establishments are rated accordingly. Everyone can now have access to this information in an extremely convenient way.

“We urge residents to be pro-active in checking the ratings of food premises they use to encourage them to keep food safety standards high.”

For more information on Food Hygiene Ratings please visit Residents can also contact the council’s environmental health service on 01832 742055.