Changes proposed for council allowances

Recommendations for changes to allowances paid to county councillors which would result in an annual saving of more than £80k will be discussed at a meeting today (Thursday).

A meeting of Northamptonshire County Council’s full council will discuss a report which recommends increasing the basic allowance paid to councillors while reducing the amount of funding for special responsibilities.

Councillors at the county council currently receive a lower rate of basic allowance than councillors at any other county council in England. The changes would result in an annual saving of £88k and would bring Northamptonshire’s allowances closer to the national average for county councils.

The report by the Independent Panel for Councillors’ Allowances says: “From May 2013, proposals approved by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England will reduce the number of councillors from 73 to 57, a reduction of some 28 per cent. The remaining 57 councillors will be responsible for serving a growing number of constituents. This will substantially increase the workload of “backbench” councillors, something which the panel feel should be reflected in the new scheme of allowances.”