Change to route of Wellingborough carnival after crash

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The route of this weekend’s Wellingborough carnival has been changed after a crash closed a town centre junction.

The change was made after an accident closed the junction at Gloucester Place.

The parade, which takes place on Saturday (July 7), will still leave Broad Green at 1pm and move down the High Street and along Church Street.

It will then change from the previously announced route and go up Park Road, along Alma Street and turn right into Cannon Street.

It will continue down the hill before moving right into Midland Road. It will then pick up the planned route again, going round Castle Way before heading up Sheep Street and Silver Street.

It will then turn left into Oxford Street and continue along Northampton Road before ending up at Croyland Park at around 2.30pm.

Town centre roads will be closed between for the duration of the parade.