Call for barriers at accident spot

IT IS only a matter of time before someone is killed at an accident blackspot unless effective road safety measures are put in place.

That is the view of homeowners and councillors who are concerned at the number of incidents happening in Midland Road, Wellingborough.

The latest smash happened when a car crashed into the wall of Mike Prescod's home just into the early hours of Friday.

Mr Prescod, a former Wellingborough mayor, said: "My wife and I were watching TV in the front room when we heard this almighty bang.

"We went outside and saw four people who looked in their early 20s running from the accident.

"The car was smashed up and our front wall had been demolished.

"This is the second time this has happened in two years.

"I know there have also been other accidents along the road and people here are getting very concerned about it.

"There are so many speeding drivers who use this road and it is only a matter of time before someone here is killed as a result of people losing control of their vehicle.

"I have spoken to Northamptonshire County Council several times about this problem and all it has done is put a bollard up in the wrong place.

"It has been totally ineffective."

The problem is also being tackled by Wellingborough councillor Paul Crofts, who is demanding the county council takes immediate action.

Cllr Crofts said: "This is a known accident blackspot and there have been at least five accidents here over the last few years.

"Bollards are no use and also could be dangerous to a driver who crashes into them.

"We are calling for crash barriers around the road, similar to those on motorways or main roads.

"There has been an increase in the volume of traffic which uses this road, especially the number of lorries, and if an HGV was to crash into a house it would be demolished.

"I am sure it is only a matter of time before this happens unless the county council takes action now.

"As well as crash barriers we want a ban on HGVs using Elsdon, Eastfield and Senwick roads – they are just not suitable for lorries."

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: "There have been no reported accidents here over the past three years but we have had concerns raised so we will carry out a site inspection to check it out."