Anger grows over Hope's expenses - COMMENT ON THIS STORY

Anger over Corby MP Phil Hope's expenses continued as the leaders of both main political parties were forced to make humiliating apologies for some of their members' extravagant claims.

Mr Hope has come under fire after it was revealed he spent 37,000 on refurbishing and furnishing his second home in Southwark.

While the MP defended his expenses claims to the Evening Telegraph, he ducked questions from reporters yesterday when he attended a question and answer session with pupils at Corby Business Academy.

But the row over the MP's home showed little sign of fading when he admitted he has allowed his son to use his two-bedroom flat while he looked for his own place in London.

Mr Hope said his son Nick stayed in the flat between finishing his masters degree at Leeds University and finding a job in London.

But the Minister declined to answer any more questions from reporters, instead remaining silent when asked about the details of his expenses.

Under Parliamentary rules MPs are only permitted to claim for goods and services incurred as part of their work.

Mr Hope faced strong criticism from Evening Telegraph readers with dozens posting on our website.

One reader, Marian, said: "Surely MPs can rent a furnished flat like everyone else? Why do we need to invest in second homes for them?"

And Dave Spence, of Raunds, said: "Politicians wonder why we have no faith in them. Politics in this country is so very wrong."

Yesterday Gordon Brown made a public apology on behalf of all MPs and Tory leader David Cameron also said sorry after the Daily Telegraph revealed details of the claims made by some of his senior politicians.

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