All aboard the walking bus to help stop parking problems at Corby school

Year 6 pupils outside the school on Friday
Year 6 pupils outside the school on Friday
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More than 200 pupils put their best foot forward during Walk To School Week.

Beanfield Primary School in Corby joined thousands of students across the country by taking part in the national initiative last week, with more than 200 students joining the walking bus.

The walking bus

The walking bus

To help alleviate parking issues around the school, parents and their children met at the Farmstead shops at 8.30am every morning where they were joined by the local police community support officer, neighbourhood wardens and the Beanfield zebra to walk to school safely as a group.

The first 30 students to arrive each morning were given a balloon.

It is hoped that by taking part in the event, it will encourage parents to park away from the school to reduce congestion and make things safer for all students.

Walking to school also benefits students in the classroom as they are more alert and awake after having had some fresh air and a calm walk to school in preparation for the day ahead.

Walk to School Week at Beanfield Primary School in Corby

Walk to School Week at Beanfield Primary School in Corby

And the week ended on Friday with what has become a tradition for the school with Year 6 pupils stood outside the school gates with posters they had made singing chants and songs about road safety to encourage parents and passers-by to park safely around the school.

Safeguarding and child protection manager Sarah Flemming said: “This week has been a huge success and we have been joined by more than 200 families every morning, even in the rain.

“We have received feedback from parents that they have noticed a lot less cars around the school site this week and we have also seen a reduction in lateness in the mornings as the children are eager to meet their friends and walk to school together.

“Everyone has really enjoyed walking to school and the atmosphere has been fantastic.

“We hope that as many parents and students will continue to use the walking bus after the week has finished to help make our school a safer place.”

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