18 arrested in focus on crimes in town centre

PC DAv Parsons speakng to Kaliegh Bowker superdrug
PC DAv Parsons speakng to Kaliegh Bowker superdrug
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A total of 18 people were arrested last month as part of an operation aimed at keeping people safe when they were out and about in Rushden in the run-up to Christmas.

During December police in Rushden increased their patrols in a bid to focus on preventing and detecting retail crime in the High Street.

Some officers patrolled the streets in uniform while others took to the streets in plain clothes on the look-out for shoplifters.

The aim was to make sure people were able to enjoy the festive period and go out shopping for gifts in town without the experience being marred for some shoppers due to the actions of criminals.

The operation was one of several pro-active initiatives run in East Northamptonshire in the run-up to Christmas focusing on public safety and retail crime.

As a result of the operation a total of 18 arrests were made by local officers.

These included four people who were arrested for drink-driving, four people who were arrested for shoplifting and two people who were arrested for drug offences.

Another five people were held for public order offences, one person was arrested for theft from a vehicle and two people were arrested for criminal damage offences.

Police sector commander for East Northamptonshire, Inspector Vaughan Clarke, said the operation had allowed officers to focus their efforts on specific crimes and had produced some good results.

He said: “These arrests were over and above our normal daily business of dealing with issues such as domestic assaults, other crimes and anti-social behaviour, and came from a targeted police initiative specifically aimed at these crimes.

“I am very pleased with what we have achieved and my officers are continuing to maintain a very tight focus on that small cohort of offenders that commits most of the crime.

“Many of them are currently in prison which is why we are seeing the record-low crime levels that we are currently enjoying and those that are not know that we are monitoring them – only yesterday morning we arrested another local offender for two offences of theft.”

Insp Clarke said people in the area seemed to be pleased with the progress being made.

He said: “I am convinced from the feedback I am getting from local residents that people are aware of the improvements in local policing that they have seen over the last couple of years – we now have record numbers of officers based at Rushden station and record low levels of crime and anti-social behaviour. To me there is a clear correlation between the two.”