New heritage website for Thrapston

The new Thrapston Heritage website
The new Thrapston Heritage website

Thrapston has a new heritage website that will, over time, give access to the vast quantity of local heritage currently held by local groups.

It will include photographs, memories, significant events and details of how Thrapston, and the surrounding area, has developed since the ninth century.

The articles will range from light-hearted items to the more serious reports of casualties in both World Wars and other conflicts.

It is anticipated that it will take two years to put all the current archives online but new pages will be added each week.

So it is hoped that visitors will return regularly to the website.

Thrapston Heritage is keen to establish links with local residents and record their memories of the area.

They would also like to hear from anyone who has photographs, documents etc that they are willing to share with the group.

Thrapston Heritage can be contacted by email or by telephone 01832 731047.

Over the years, annual exhibitions have attracted many hundreds of visitors.

Now they, and many more from further afield, will be able to view the archives online at any time.

The website has been designed and built with Heritage Lottery funding.

The ongoing maintenance of the website, however, will be funded by Thrapston Heritage.

An example of what might be found on the website is the following article found in the Northampton Herald, January 1865:

“Those uncompromising young members of society, vaguely known as “the boys”, generally commence a course of robust lung exercise in the streets at night.

The nuisance is really very great, and it is hoped will be speedily stopped.”

Thrapston Heritage invites readers to take a look at its new website.