Falklands veteran defends UK stand

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A veteran of the Falklands War has defended Britain’s decision to post Prince William to the area and send out a Navy warship.

Argentina is to make a formal complaint to the United Nations Security Council after accusing the UK of “militarising” their long dispute over the Falkland Islands.

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said the UK’s decision posed a risk to “international security”.

Her announcement comes amid simmering tensions between London and Buenos Aires in the run-up to the 30th anniversary of the 1982 Falklands war, which saw Argentinian forces invade the archipelago in a row over its sovereignty.

Des Wallington, 50, of Corby Road, Weldon, said: “The accusation is totally ridiculous.

“It makes me angry.

“Once again Agentina is in trouble and this is a way of saving face with its people.”

Mr Wallington, who now runs his own catering company and is chairman of the Weldon branch of the Royal British Legion, served as a 20-year-old cook on HMS Antrim which was bombed during the conflict.

During action he had to abandon his cooking duties and served as a sick bay assistant.

He said: “I took part when we commemorated the 25th anniversary of the conflict and it is right that we mark the 30th anniversary. The accusations being made against Britain are disgraceful.”

Ms Kirchner said it was difficult to see how “the sending of an immense and modern destroyer accompanied by the Royal heir who we would have liked to see in civilian clothes and not in military uniform” was not a show of purposeful military strength by the UK.