Back when Terry wed his hippy chick Linda

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A couple who hit the front page of the Evening Telegraph when they defied tradition by holding a hippy-style wedding celebrated their Ruby Wedding anniversary at the weekend.

Linda and Terry Dix, of Kettering, were married at the town’s old register office in London Road on March 25, 1972.

At a time when most people opted for traditional wedding outfits the young couple decided to do things their own way and opted for a stylish hippy wedding.

Mrs Dix, 58, nee Walker, said: “We are both strong-minded and knew what we wanted.

“We wouldn’t let anyone tell us what we were going to wear.

“In those days most people would buy what their parents wanted them to wear but we didn’t.

“My mum and dad knew what I was like and just let me get on with it – they were very supportive.”

The couple, who were both born and bred in Kettering, first met when they were teenagers.

They began going out after meeting up at discos at the former Tresham building called the Tec.

Mrs Dix said: “I was about 15 when we started going out. I think I was attracted to Terry because of his long hair and his hipsters. He also wore glasses and reminded me a bit of John Lennon, who I was keen on.

“We went out for three years before we got married.”

The bride wore a coffee-coloured satin dress with a plunge neck and big long sleeves, mustard and red Mary Quant platform shoes and a crocheted shawl.

The groom wore his hair down to his elbows, black velvet loons trousers which were tight to the knee and then went out at the bottom, a black silk collarless shirt with tassels on it and an electric blue jacket.

The couple’s friends also did them proud, with many of them wearing kaftans and Mary Quant designs.

Mrs Dix said: “It was a really stylish wedding, it wasn’t ordinary.

“There wasn’t anything formal at the wedding. We didn’t have a top table at our reception at the North Park Club and there were no formal speeches, it was a really relaxed affair.

“We did get stopped in the street by people on the day who thought the wedding looked good and afterwards it seemed more people started having weddings which were different which was nice.

“I think I was attracted to the hippy style by its clothing and the music associated with it.

“We still like to wear something different. We never wanted to fit in a box and we still feel that way now.”

At the time of their wedding the couple could not afford a honeymoon but they went to a Captain Beefheart concert in Leicester and stayed the night in a hotel.

After they were married Mrs Dix started a teacher training course and she now teaches at Hawthorn Community Primary School in Kettering.

Mr Dix, 62, is retired but used to work as an overhead lineman for the electricity board.

The couple have two sons, Luke who is also a teacher and Nathan who is in a band.

They will celebrate their anniversary with a trip to Lanzarote later in the year.

Mrs Dix added: “It doesn’t seem like 40 years since we got married.

“I can remember the day so well.”