Fans set up lifeline for troubled football club

Jonathon Brown and Andy Dent want to try to save the Poppies
Jonathon Brown and Andy Dent want to try to save the Poppies

A lifelong Kettering fan is putting £100 into a fundraising scheme he has set up to save his club from extinction.

Estate agent Jonathon Brown hopes at least 500 other people will do the same and help raise more than £50,000 to secure the club’s future.

The money would go to Kettering Town Supporters’ Trust and could be used to prevent a winding-up petition brought by HM Revenue and Customs.

Mr Brown, 52, first saw Kettering Town lose to Bristol Rovers in 1969 aged just nine.

He said: “It is a now or never situation.

“I don’t think many people realise how serious it is – we are very close to losing our town’s football team.

“I’ve set this scheme up so the fans can give their financial support and provide as good a chance as we can that the club remains.

“We have got to do what we can to try and preserve this famous club.”

Mr Brown, who is a season ticket holder at Nene Park, said the town would lose out if the club went.

He said: “If the club goes where does that leave Kettering town on the map?

“We have Wicksteed Park, but what else apart from the fact we are a town next to the A14.

“The town needs the club.”

Mr Brown said if the club folded without the money being used it would be put towards establishing a new club.

He said: “Simply, this scheme gives fans a way to support their club and its future.”

The first person to hand over £100 to the scheme was Andy Dent, of Andrew Joseph Printers.

The 47-year-old has also agreed to print posters advertising the initiative.

He attended his first game against Oxford in the FA Cup in 1976.

He said: “We have to do something to save the club.”

The club is in desperate financial trouble with debts continuing to grow while the players have not been paid for two months.