Cycling mum boosts Help for Heroes

Laura Crick in training at the Balance Gym in Kettering
Laura Crick in training at the Balance Gym in Kettering

A Kettering mum is gearing up for her latest fundraiser by cycling 100 miles – in a town’s shopping centre.

Laura Crick, 35, will be cycling 108 miles on a fixed bike in the middle of the bustle of Saturday shoppers at Kettering’s Newlands Centre this weekend.

She is hoping to raise £6,000 this year for Help for Heroes after her fundraising efforts raised £4,000 for the same cause last year.

The mum-of-three is also planning a major fundraiser in July – a challenge to climb the five highest peaks in the UK and Ireland in just 55 hours.

Miss Crick, of Ise Lodge, said: “I did the same bike fundraiser in the Newlands Centre this time last year and it was absolutely fantastic, I raised just under £1,000.

“If I had a pound for everyone who came up to me and said ‘you’re not getting very far’, I think I would have doubled how much I raised.

“The people of Kettering were absolutely brilliant and so generous.

“I got a lot of attention and I think it caught people’s eye a bit more than simply walking round with a collection tin, it inspired them to donate.”

She is planning to cycle 108 miles which will take just over six hours.

She has chosen this mileage as it was the same distance she travelled from landing in Nepal to Mount Everest Base Camp in a fundraiser last year.

After Saturday’s bike event, she will turn her focus to her five peak fundraiser in the summer.

Miss Crick added: “It’s going to be a massive challenge. It’s not necessary the climbing but the sheer amount of travelling.

“I like a challenge though, I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie and I like to push myself physically and I think the five peaks challenge will be harder than the Everest one last year.

“As soon as I came back from Nepal last year I was wanting to book time off for the five peaks fundraiser.

“Help for Heroes is a great cause. I visited a First World War battlefield a couple of years ago and at one stage we went past some monuments and a cemetery and I saw thousands of names of people who made such a sacrifice for their country.

“We’ve also got so many thousands of guys and girls serving out there at the moment and making the sacrifice.”


Miss Crick will be cycling from 9am on Saturday.